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"Be the change that you wish to see in the world" This is a quote that I aspire to live by. I have always held onto hope and faith that it is important to step outside of the norms and look at other possibilities. This has helped me directly with patient/client care and in my own path in life. 


You want to feel better, have more energy, feel positive about yourself but do not know how to get there?

I value your time that you spend with me and you will discover that I care to give the best to get you to your goals. I have been in the Health and Fitness industry for over 20 years working hard to get the best education and be the best that you as a client deserve. 

I have you fill out information and take you from where you are at and begin from there. That is different for everyone, you will be active in your progress as we work together. 

                MEDICAL FITNESS


This is for you or your loved one, friend or family members that have medical diagnoses from their Medical Doctor such as Diabetes, High Blood pressure, post orthopedic surgery, other. I have a Doctorate in Physical Therapy and will evaluate and follow your Physician's order for getting you active and improving your health. I do take vitals: blood pressure and pulse oximetry. 



 I have worked in rehabilitation as a Physical Therapist and earn 50 or more hours per year to continue education. If you have had any orthopedic surgery and want to get your rehabilitation started, I'm the person you want to work with. 

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