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Maximizing Your Fitness Journey: The Top 5 Benefits of Having a Workout Partner

Are you prioritizing your fitness but unsure about doing it alone? Would it be better to have a workout partner? Read below for 5 benefits of having a workout partner. Look for the Free offer below!

#1 Accountability

It is human nature to respond to peer pressure. It is even better if pressure leads to a better you and those you are with. One of the top reasons to work with a Personal Trainer is for accountability, but what if you could bring a friend, significant other, or family member?

#2 It is more fun!

People want to give a gift that is more of an experience and a great gift to work out with only your friend and a Personal Trainer in the gym. You can be yourself and not be concerned about others who may be around. You may also feel you are unable to help a friend or family member as you would like with their health and this is a place where you can learn how to help and your guest can feel safe from judgment and provide an environment to start their health journey.

#3 Motivation

Workout partners see each other's progress when it is sometimes difficult to see it in yourself. This is especially important during those times when it feels like you are not making progress. It is great to have your Trainer to be praising your efforts and progress but when it is someone you care about, it means even more. Sometimes your guest may be able to give you constructive criticism that you may not want to hear from others.

#4 Sharing Goals and Progress

A workout partner will help you push through the reps by encouraging you and possibly creating a friendly competition. They can give each other someone to celebrate accomplishments with. Someone will be there to see how hard you worked and share the experience.

#5 It Saves You Money

You get the reward of a workout partner and your workout partner will receive 2 FREE sessions with you! Then on your next purchase, you both get the Refer a Friend discount!

#Live Inspired,

Karen Baltz Gibbs, PT, DPT, CSCS, LMT, CMP, Owner of Garage Training & Rehab Gym

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