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The Surprising Connection Between Your Feet and Hips through the Nervous System.

What is Neuromuscular control and why is it important for the feet and hips?

I became a fan of Dr. Emily Splichal several years ago when I attended one of her classes at an IDEA Fitness Conference in Anaheim, California. I had years of experience learning about how the nervous system worked in my training and work experience as a Physical Therapist. I have studied and researched sensation, functional movement, and neuromuscular conditioning. Her approach was connected to her training as a Podiatrist with a focus on postural alignment and human movement as it relates to foot function and barefoot training.

In Dr. Emily Splichal's book, "Barefoot Strong, "

she states "The neuromuscular system is a deeply integrated network of joints, fascia, muscles, and nerves which work together like a symphony providing the beauty we call human movement." She goes on to explain about the foot: "the sensitivity of the plantar proprioceptors and their role in maintaining balance, perceiving impact forces and stabilizing the lumbopelvic hip complex for human locomotion."

There is always more detail to overall movement that cannot be explained in a brief format. I will emphasize how the hip and foot are connected because it is one concept that gets missed especially with anyone who gets an ankle or foot injury. With walking there are forces generated at foot contact that travel up the leg into the deep hip. Within milliseconds our hip must stabilize for single leg stability in midstance while the other leg advances. These muscles are also called the "hip rotator cuff" due to the 6 deep muscles in the hip that stabilize like the rotator cuff of the shoulder. Research has shown when the ankle or foot is weak then the hip is also weak.

This is where working with a Physical Therapist and Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist/Personal Trainer can get you started correctly and not lead to other injuries. Please go to my website and go to the Let's Talk tab to get started at Garage Training & Rehab Gym.

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Karen Baltz Gibbs, PT, DPT, CSCS, LMT, CMP, Owner of Garage Training & Rehab Gym

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