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The Importance of Connection: A Reflection on Seeing Others and Being Seen

I have always wondered how we can feel invisible, not seen or misunderstood even when we have people all around us.

I read "How To Know A Person" by David Brooks and I felt like I had a conversation with a trusted friend who completely knows what I struggle with and needed the wisdom to understand. I want to see the good in most struggles and I feel like I did learn many valuable lessons during and after the Pandemic. I have seen life-changing events go either way for people I know. For example, my parents home burnt down in 2017. It was a devastating experience but my parents also had their community come together to help them in amazing ways and they built a social community that uplifted them through it. Then the Pandemic came and my parents isolated so much that they missed out on the community that uplifted them. Then I saw my mother's health significantly decline without connection to others. I have seen and felt the effects where being involved in a community of people uplifts your soul and when our minds tell us we don't matter.

The author takes the reader gradually through "Human beings need recognition as much as they need food and water". He quotes Psychologist Diana Fosha "The roots of resilience are found in the sense of being understood by and existing in the mind and heart of a loving, attuned, and self-possessed other". As Brooks explained, "In how you see me, I will learn to see myself."

Brooks goes on to explain we often are not seeing each other. We make judgments on how they look, what job they do, and other generalizations. As I always state people are putting others in a box. We objectify others, ego gets in the way, anxiety, naive realism, static mindset, and lesser-minds problem.

He gives examples of people who do connect with others, like Jimmy Dorrell. He describes Jimmy as being an "Illuminator". Jimmy had a characteristic way of being fully present in how he connected with others. He also speaks of the gift that we are all different but can learn to do better with our conversations and genuinely try to see others for who they are.

I want to encourage you to begin or continue to work on being more involved in a positive way in our communities. For me, that's the geographical community of Newberg, my church community, colleagues of the Health care community, and family & friends. I want to continue the work on understanding other people and how to best communicate, to uplift them as well.

Sometimes, people want to work on getting healthier or fit and feel reluctant to work with a Personal Trainer or Physical Therapist. Please remember that people in these professions are there to help others, not judge them. It goes both ways, look for the Trainer or Physical Therapist to connect with you and help you through where you are at and want to be. I have always felt that communication was one of the most important parts of what I focus on when working with clients/patients. Call me for your free 15-minute consultation to ask questions and make decisions on your health and fitness journey. Please go to the "Let's Talk" tab on my website.

#Live Inspired

Karen Baltz Gibbs, PT, DPT, CSCS, LMT, CMP, Owner Garage Training & Rehab Gym


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